Monday, November 1, 2010

[T:NEWS] C.N BLUE is being fiercely recruited by major labels in Japan

4-men member CNBLUE becomes the target of intense recruitment competition from many major labels in Japan.

According to CNBLUE's agency, FNC Music, as news broke out in the Japanese music industry that CNBLUE is finishing their 2 year indie contract and is preparing for a major market debut next summer, many leading agencies are jumping at the opportunity to sign them up. Officials from many Japanese record labels are giving a presentation on specific action plans on CNBLUE activities in Japan in order to be able to sign CNBLUE with their company.

Many officials from Japan's biggest record labels like AVEX, Warner Music, Universal Records, Sony Music and EMI attended CNBLUE's first fan meeting, held in the Tokyo International Forum last October 28th, to watch their live performance and assess their potential.

CNBLUE has became the target for many of these major labels because they have a distinctive charming quality that makes them different from many others Hallyu Stars or dance groups. CNBLUE has the biggest fan base for band music in the Japanese pop market. CNBLUE's 'I don't know why' single ranked #1 on the Oricon Single Chart on September 27th and also reached #7 on the Oricon Daily Chart.

Moreover, they have had more than 10 sold out performances for their Japan tour this year, showing their box-office capability. Having started their band activities in 2008 in Japan before Korea, and having released indies singles ahead of their major debut, they have gained a favorable impression in the eyes of the Japanese pop music industry officials.

Furthermore, with Jung Yonghwa's debut drama 'You're Beautiful' currently airing in Japan, his and CNBLUE's popularity is rapidly rising.

FNC Music Han Director, "Nowadays we still continue to meet with officials from Japanese record labels. Each of the them have been presenting specific long term activity plans such as staff involved in CNBLUE's music production, detailed activities, opportunities and CF appearances and have requested contract deals.